About Us

Alborada is a privately owned company in Little Village in the southwest side of Chicago. The Little Village community is home to the largest Mexican-American population in the Midwest, and a million dollar commerce, one of the top compared to other parts of the city.

Alborada has made a name for itself by catering to the Hispanic woman, offering a great selection of quinceañera and bridal dresses for many years. We pride ourselves in offering designer gowns and allowing women of all ages, shapes, and sizes the opportunity to purchase their gown of their dreams that are custom-made at an affordable price.

We decided to create a magazine for a very specific audience, the Quinceañera. Alborada Magazine’s target audience is that young 15 year old that dreams of having a fairy tale event that will transition her from being a little girl to a young woman. This is a one-of-a-kind magazine in the City of Chicago. The magazine will offer exclusive insights, with the purpose to educate and help that young woman and her parents when planning for her big day. Our readers can expect to find features and advertorials about gowns, how-to articles, flower design, jewelry, and much more.

The magazine aims to serve as an educational outlet that gives their readers the resources and ideas from where to start in the planning process. Working alongside our advertisers, readers can expect to find informative pieces about retailers and small businesses in their hometown, unlike national magazines that cater to a broader audience. The advertisers are easily accessible and in our very own hometown, offering the best quality items and services in the city.