Paola's story

Planning a quinceañera celebration can be an extremely stressful experience, and time is a big contributor to this. Many parents and quinceañeras feel that there is so much to do, especially when the big day approaches faster than expected. Isaura Yañez is a resident from Berwyn, IL and mother of a quinceañera, Paola who recently celebrated the milestone.


"Shopping for dresses was extremely overwhelming, there is a lot that you have to look into and the prepara¬tion time when ordering a dress is overwhelming because you need a minimum of 4 months," explains Isaura Yanez. She visited the Alborada boutique in Little Village because a dress on display caught her eye. "I went into the store and I saw the dress and I absolutely loved it, it was different from anything else I had seen in any of the other stores that I visited, and I had to have it," says Paola, the quinceañera. Both mom and daughter immediately fell in love with the dress. Paola explains that the staff at Alborada was very helpful when she tried on the dress, they told her how to handle the dress, how to sit, they knew what they were talking about, so she was dealing with people that had experience with quinceañeras...


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